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First Aid Kit Code B Workplace Wallmount Metal Standard

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Meets Safework Australia Code Of Practice For First Aid In The Workplace - July 2012

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F.a.kit: Complete National Code 'b' "standard Workplace" Wallmount Metal COMPONENT LIST 1 x US3810 Cpr Chart Sticker - Vinyl Drsabcd 90mm X 165mm 1 x 2W F.a.kit: Case Metal 2w - Dimensions: W430mm X H280mm X D140mm 1 x NC-B F.a.kit: Contents National Code 'b' "standard Workplace" CONTENTS LIST 1 x BFR Blanket Foil Rescue 1.8m X 1.27m 1 x S5196-10 Skin-prep Swabs (cetrimide) * Pkt 10 1 x SPA12 Safety Pins Assorted Viritex 12's 2 x TB110 Bandage Triangular Cotton 110cm X 110cm X 155cm 1 x PBA Plastic Bag Assorted X 3 In Envelope 6 x S4811S Melolite N.a. Dressing 5cm X 7.5cm *single 3 x S4812S Melolite N.a. Dressing 7.5cm X 10cm *single 3 x EWA1 Eye Wash Amps Reclens\salinaax [1/2fl.oz] 15ml Single 1 x SFAIB Book: First Aid In Brief Viritex (a6) 1 x SSB13 Scissor Nurse Sharp/blunt 12.5cm 1 x B76242S Cutilin N.a. Dressing 10cm X 10cm *single 2 x DS5 Splinter Probes Disposable 5's 1 x GNL10 Glove Nitrile Powder Free Viritex Large Pkt/10 1 x S1346 Bandage Crepe Medium Hospital S&n Clinicrepe 10cm 1 x IIP-1 Ice Pack Instant Small 160mm X 90mm Boxed 1 x WD15 Wound Dressing S&n No.15 1 x AX2005 Cpr Resuscitation Face Shield With One Way Valve Careplus Single Use 1 x AP325 Bodichek Paper Tape (wrapped Roll) 2.5cm X 5m 3 x EF050 Bandage Conforming Easifix 5cm 1 x CP1020 Combine Pad 10cm X 20cm *single 4 x EPX1 Eye Pad Sterile 1 x VX1010 Pen And Note Pad Set Viritex 1 x S72590-00 Coverplast Standard Plastic Strips 50 1 x RAS50 Rapaid First Aid Spray 50ml 1 x WD14 Wound Dressing S&n No.14 3 x EF075 Bandage Conforming Easifix 7.5cm 1 x FS13 Forceps Splinter S/steel 12.5cm 5 x GS375-1 Gauze Swabs 7.5cm 3's Sterile


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