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Stop The Lockout

Buy Stop The Lockout Merchandise and help support the cause. With every purchase you make the profits made will be used for the fighting fund. This fund will help pay for advertising campaigns, flyers, sponsored ads, banners, flags and more. #stopthelockout https://www.stopthelockout.com.au/about Stop The Lockout was created on Facebook in 2016 when it came to our attention that the government was looking to impose fishing lockouts across NSW. A few weeks after the group was born, the government at the time decided to shelve its plans to implement the lockouts. In August 2018, the NSW government announced its proposal for the Marine Biodiversity in the Hawkesbury Shelf Marine Bioregion, which sparked the page back to life. The admin team and group members are currently engaged in a fierce media campaign to raise awareness and drum up support to create a Facebook group to apply pressure to government and ultimately force them drop their plans.. ​We are not stopping here we want to unlock fishing areas that have been taken from us in the past and block any future lockouts. #stopthelockout

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