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The brooksfield story started 12 years ago in Melbourne, late one afternoon after a long day of shopping. For years, we'd been searching the stores around town for a quality men's outfit that wasn't too basic or too precious. We wanted clothes that were made for a man with taste, that didn't feel too bland or overdone. Alas, we couldn't find one, so we decided to do it ourselves. Starting with a collection of bold business wares, we expanded quickly into business shirts, casual shirts, jackets and trousers, securing national distribution in Myer and a selection of independent boutiques.

Before long it became obvious that Australian men were looking for the same thing we were all those years ago, and as a result, brooksfield blossomed into the company it is today. In September 2010, we took a leap of faith and opened our own stores - the first in World Square shopping center, Sydney; the second on Chapel Street, Melbourne. Our stores showcase the full gamut of brooksfield designs, dotted among pieces of vintage furniture, lamps, books, nic-nacs and classic iconic products. We even stock tivoli radios, brooks saddles and clarks desert boots. It is, they say, quite the modern haberdashery.

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